Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I hate myself I was like 'one piece of bread won't hurt' but then I had two more right after stupid stupid me. This will be my maximum calorie intake for the day.

I'm going to take my dog for a walk as soon as the sun comes out. I hate taking him for walks because be pulls too much so I get tired and want to go home early. I plan to go for a hour but end up going for 25 minutes.

Should clean my room too. The parentals keep buggin me about it. It will help keep my mind off food atleast.

I'll come back later to update my day...I think it'll be a good one.


  1. good luck today. how many cals are you having per-day?

  2. Bread is my weakness too. D;

    Good luck!

    Yasmine. xx

  3. Don't worry, hun! You CAN beat this! Determination and Discipline! :)
    Yeah, bread is a bad trap. Maybe you should go wheat/gluten/dairy free? I am allergic to all of that so I don't eat it.. Funny thing is, I know other people with the same allergy and you'd expect us to all be stick thin. But, trust me, we are not. Apparently it stuffs up your metabolism or something. Ugh..
    xoxo Anon girl trying to lose weight too

  4. I do that!
    I think, oh I'll have one...
    then have about ten.
    even though I know its wrong.
    don't worry, you can do this,
    just stay strong, fight the bread!

  5. I am the same way with anything sugar which is why I have cut it out for now. Losses are slow enough as it is! Hope you have a good day!

  6. Good luck girl! You deserve it. Just keep remembering what it's going to feel like when your TINY+confident+thin+beautiful and can walk into a room knowing that everyone is going to wish they were/dated you.