Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my fat stomach

89 kilos. This is what my stomach looks like.
How the hell did I get here...the last two days I over ate as if I didn't care about my weight and it was stupid because I put on 4-5 kilos. And I can really see it my body has expanded so much in the mirror. Tomorrow its a fast. I hope people at school don't notice, its not like they would say it to my face but I hate it when you can tell what people are thinking when they look at you. Worse off this guy I'm in love with will be at this party on the 4th of july I'm going to so I have to be thinner by then. Just have to wait until school has finished then I'm going to exercise and become ana again.


  1. tomorrow is a new day,
    you can do it, I know it,
    you'll feel great when your back in control,
    I also have a goal for the fourth of july,
    there is a festival in my area and I want to be a little thinner for then,
    good luck with all your plans, and your fast,

  2. Don't worry, you'll get there! Stay strong!

  3. I used to be your weight and have since lost 50 pounds.

    Listen I'm not sure if you t want to hear this, but you've got to make a lifestyle change, that's the only way.

    I lost it over a couple of years but its been off forever, and isn't coming back. I stopped eating processed (tinned, boxed, wrapped) foods, and ate REAL food: brown rice, veggies, fruits, chicken breast, fish, legumes. Ate when hungry only, stopped when 80% full.

    It's the only way. Sorry girl! But it's true. Fasting is for the real toxins, the last 5-10 pounds, like I'm doing now. Just start eating right, and stop stressing. It'll all come off, I promise you.

  4. mine looks worse :/
    stay strong!!
    we can all get there one day if we work hard and never give up!
    cheesy, i know :)