Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fashion, Glam and Coke

I've never heard or even thought bout a shower making you want to not eat so I'm going to try it now thanks ancora an yasmine!

This video sort of helped too, its so awesome I wanna be one of these girls!!!


  1. this sond is so amazing. Good luck, I hope the shower helped.

  2. That's an awesome video!
    I realy want to look like that as well.

    Hope the shower helped. (:


  3. i was a bit late to the don't binge post
    but i'm glad you got through it

    great video by the way

    and thanks for your comment
    you have great taste too ;)

    keep up the good work. xo

  4. Love the video.

    I'll have to try the shower thing. I've heard that but never actually did it.

    Stay strong =]

  5. Looks like the glamorous life when all those images are compiled and set to music in that way. I'm sorry to report, but I think you're worshiping a superficial image.