Friday, June 5, 2009

Shout at the devil

Thanks for your comments on the last post. What Laurdy laur said was so helpful, I'm going to keep it in my mind :

''think how amazing it'll feel when you've lost the weight and can turn those guys down''

Today I have done well with my points

Under max intake +10
Exercise +8
8 glasses of water +8
Encouraging teammates (which I still have to do) plan on +5

21 points for the day. Hoorah!


  1. yey for this post!! haha
    good going so far my beaut
    but i loved that feeling when i first lost all the weight and all these boys that were wankers to me before were suddenly being really nice! so i'd be nice back but in a overly plutonic way if that makes sense
    i miss that :(

    keep up the good work!!
    think thin. xo

  2. Great job on the exercising. And yeah, what LL said should be extremely encouraging.
    You'll get there soon enough!