Saturday, June 6, 2009

On the point of breaking....please don't break, please don't break!

Diet coke has bloated up my belly, and now I have that binging feeling and usually I eat everything in my way till I can stop. I just have to say no, SAY NO!

I can do this! My parents are having fast food for dinner...I will not give in, or all my progress for the last couple of days will be for nothing.

86 Kilos! fuck. Im losing it slowly but atleast Im losing it (pretty sure its water weight too).

It's really hard to stay on track right now because of school but I in two weeks I'll be able to give my body full attention again.


  1. You can do it! Don't give in.
    Just think about how great you'll feel if you stay strong, or how completely disgusting and regretful you'll feel if you give in.
    Good luck. Have a shower, that usually helps me forget about dinner ^^

  2. Having a shower is a good way to forget about food! & funnily enough it always makes me drop 500 grams to 1kg.

    Good luck!