Sunday, May 31, 2009

Worst feeling

I went to a party the other day of my friend s* and this guy who is a friend of s* was there, that s* wanted to set me up with. I don't know at all if he was into me, but usually if a guy likes you he'll just make his move. So I'm guessing no.... I'm almost definitely sure it's because of size. He even said he is 160 lbs (I'm 191 and he's way taller than me). I hate myself so much for being fat, I feel so sick today every time I think about the fact that he must of thought ''s* should have told me how fat she was''. I just want to die. I'm not eating the rest of today but from tomorrow I am going to work so hard to get my weight down. I'm going to try and reach maximum points on the weight loss competion. This is true motivation. I hate how many times I have been turned down by guys. I'm a 21 year old fat virgin loser who needs to lose weight if I want anything out of life.


  1. Good luck!
    Good luck with the weight competition too. Woo go team.
    Dinner is evil. Evil evil evil.
    Stay strong.

  2. I know how you feel exactly about the guy turning you down cause of your size! Well maybe you can see it as a positive thing as motivation to lose weight. Thanks for taking the weight loss comp seriously, it means a lot to me Good luck!