Friday, August 14, 2009

I can't cut down calories

I tried to do 1000-1500 calories the last two days and I exercised by going for an hours walk each day but I still ended up binging which took it up to 3000 calories each day. I really hated myself for it. The guilty feeling came over me when I had salad for dinner from a full stomach and I lost control. I wish I didn't do this. It is the cause of all my hopelessness in weight loss. Also when I eat - even until I am full, I find myself hungry again in an hour with the same feeling empty stomach feeling, does anyone else have that?
In the last month I have put on about 10 pounds from eating normally. I am 198lbs. I wish I could eat healthy and people who keep telling me to obviously don't have a difficult relationship with food, they really should not assume everyone has the same. I'm in dire need of inspiration and advice which isn't the same typical stuff.


  1. girl
    you could be hypothyroid or insulin resistant. thats what happened to me. im hypothyroid and i would eat and i would be hungry not too long after.. i mean girl, i could eat. now that im on my thyroid medication, i dont have that. if you have dry skin/hair, ridges on your nails, difficulty losing weight, constant fatigue like ALL DAMN DAY, you might wanna look into it and get to a doctor :] hopefully that helps honey bunny.

  2. You can do it! Don't worry about losing all the weight at once - if you set small goals, you will see results more often and then that will keep you motivated - good luck, shesthin!

  3. I'd say you're malnourished, which is why your body is sending strong hunger signals for you to eat. When you answer those signals by eating low-quality foods it only exacerbates the problem.

    Perhaps you've heard this over and over, but high quality foods include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Nothing processed, nothing out of package. I can only suggest you log onto and start tracking 1800 calories per day spaced out over 4 meals at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm and 8pm and just stick with it for a few weeks.

    It will work, guaranteed. Think about it, eating healthy could have seen a 10 pound loss last month and you'd be 20 pounds ahead. Good luck.

    (Personal Trainer)

  4. I think thinforever has a good point that maybe there is something wrong that is causing you to feel that hunger and maybe you should get yourself checked out : /
    Maybe you could try some appetite suppressants? There is this tea by Yogi Tea and it's called blueberry slim life tea. I find it really helps with hunger. I also take diet pills and those help too...but a lot of people say they aren't safe so I don't know if you want to get mixed up in diet pills : /
    I really hope you find the answer darling <3

  5. feed your body every 2 to 3 hours (protein, carb & healthy fat) with each mini meal. sample day:

    1 egg 2 whites, oatmeal w/skim milk sliced almonds, slice of canadian bacon.

    apple w/reduced fat polly-o string cheese

    large mixed salad with grilled chicken olive oil & vinegar

    greek yogurt with some granola and honey

    4 or 5 oz sliced london broil, baked sweet potato, string beans with olive oil.

  6. I'm a night binge eater... it SUCKS. I feel like I cant control it, even though I KNOW I can.. I do SO SO SO WELL during the day and at night, its like I mistake every other feeling in the world-- tired, happy, thirsty, angry, sad, whatever-- for hunger. And my body, unbeknownst to my brain, heads down to the kitchen and eats and eats and eats and eats... it's shitty and I want it to stop... but I FEEL like I cant stop... no matter what I do.

    I think I can relate to your feelings... the hunger so quickly after being full... God, I hate it... Its upsetting. :(

    Stay Strong... you CAN do it.

  7. Please email me at we have a lot in common.

  8. hypothyroid runs in my family - discussing with my female relatives recently, we all were amazed by how much we could eat and NOT be hungry.

    I've only recently been able to control my binging, used to be GREAT at it but.. forgot? in a dry spell, oh yeah and I put on about 40 pounds.

    the only way I was able to get back to it was to not keep "good" binge food in the house, and to accept the hunger. its a GOOD thing to feel it until you shrink your stomach, and until you stop binging your stomach will stay the same size. And if you get rid of the things that are crunchy and dense and high fat, binging will be less fun anyways - who wants to eat 5 cans of green beans? :)

    good luck with everything! I know you can do it!

  9. Hi, I dunno if u have thought about this before I have been looking for some support or someone to compete with losing weight with, I weigh 180-183 not exactly sure but i know its in between there....If that sounds like something u would like jus comment me thanks